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HO3™ Screens for iPhone

The HO3 LCD screen for iPhone is a result of continuous innovation and our commitment to quality. To maximize performance, we apply new 3D-incell touch technology while took an extreme approach to select and refine every component – from the glass down to the pixels.

The HO3 LCD screen for iPhone is not only vivid and bright, but truly reliable. It delivers the accurate and stable performance you’d expect, but in a product that’s thinner, lighter and more power efficient. The uncompromising design and manufacturing for HO3 LCD, combined with our complete quality assurance system, makes the screen the best after-sales solution yet.


Technology Description


Integrated Driver Controller IC (IDC)

Different from traditional multi-chip solutions, HO3™ LCD requires only one Integrated Driver Controller IC (IDC) to drive display, touch and 3D touch functions.

HO3™ LCD Main Materials  >>>

HO3™ LCD Main Materials

Part Name


Glass Substrate

SHARP In-Cell Technology

Liquid Crystal Material



Japanese Mitsubishi OCA

Frame Adhesive

PUR Adhesive

Flex Cable

HO3 Exclusive Flex Cable


HO3 Exclusive TDDI IC

HO3 LCD Structure


Features & Benefits

Superb Touch Sensitivity

HO3™ 3D In-Cell Touch LCD has superb touch performance. The thinner panel makes touch feedback more accurate and ensures outstanding response when the screen is touched by fingers.


Outstanding Visibility

Compared with external sensors, HO3™ 3D In-Cell Touch LCD provides very good picture quality with high transmittance and low reflectivity. A thinner distance from the backlight to the display surface increases the brightness and color reproduction of the display.


Low Power Consumption

Without a shield from a discrete touch module, reduce the reflection and refraction, the LCD display is more penetrating and more power-effective.


Advanced IDC Features

HO3™ 3D In-Cell Touch LCD requires only one Integrated Driver Controller IC (IDC) to perform display, touch and 3D touch functions simultaneously, enhancing power efficiency, brightness, color and contrast


Built Excellent, Built to Last

The HO3™ LCD screen has been thoughtfully designed and constructed from superior quality materials. SHARP LCD solution equipped with superior circuitry and components delivers premium product quality. Coupled with rigorous testing procedures, ensuring HO3™ LCD outperforms standard screens.


Fully Visible

There are no obvious color changes from different angles. HO3 screen always keeps the same color.

Image can be fully visible through polarized lenses from any angle in HO3 screen


Fixed Voltage Output


HO3 LCD for iPhone applies efficient voltage regulator IC. Every move by fingers is properly received and accurately responds by the LCD, bringing stable and reliable user experience, never compromise!


HO3 Warranty

l  We provide lifetime warranty on HO3 LCDs for iPhone 6S-8P, and we provide one-year warranty on HO3 LCD for iPhone X.

l  The initial judgment of the returned HO3 LCD is based on whether it is installed or not. HO3 warrants all uninstalled LCD with no physical damage.

l  We will provide you a summary of the testing results. We ask that you review these results and send us your acknowledgement. Usually this process is completed within 2 weeks of receiving your screens.

l  We can issue product exchange, price refund or price deduction for the returned HO3 LCD after it is tested.

l  Installed HO3 LCD with minimal signs of wear including slight scratches enjoys warranty, except for:

n  Broken LCD

n  Water damage

n  Obvious physical damage

* We reserves the right to change warranty terms.

* Some HO3™ LCDs carry a lifetime warranty. Some HO3 product carries different warranty periods due to the nature of the product’s design, manufacture or expected use, the warranty applies from the date of purchase by the first customer.