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Modern Automation Plant

We always strive to always be at our very best. Productivity is a key factor for success in the global marketplace. The modern machines with automation system allow us to optimize the overall effectiveness of our plants while improving the competitiveness and achieving maximum performance and efficiency. We will always be able to meet our customers’ requirements quickly, flexibly, efficiently, and with the highest quality.


Quality Management

Designing, manufacturing, distributing and selling a product of high quality doesn’t happen by accident, it requires a company-wide commitment to enforce policies and standards. With the persistent commitment to unsurpassed quality in products, we use innovative assembly systems and stringent testing standards to ensure the highest quality and lowest defect rate of products in the industry.


Integrated Supply Chain

The supply chain is essential for us to stay ahead of the customers’ needs and help them with troubleshooting. Our integrated supply chain ensures the control of all the critical aspects of the manufacturing process.


We gain complete control over our products as scaling up our embedded quality control process into a larger control system. We achieve more efficient, productive and safer plant operation through vigorous partnership

Our integrated supply chain remains us capable regardless of any market turbulence. This capacity allows us to respond promptly to our customers’ demands, at the same time maintain the highest levels of quality backed by unwavering integrity and responsibility.

Professional Teams

No matter the size and the complexity of your requirements, our professional teams can successfully help deliver it to meet you schedule while controls the quality and follows the customers’ requirements.


Measure & Analyze 

Improve products reliability and protect your interest 

--- Proactive measurements and analytical approaches for process clarity and insight. 

Operate & Manage 

Secure critical parts promptly

 --- The expertise, systems and cutting-edge equipment ensure consistent and economical solutions. 

Quality Control & Regulate 

Strengthen product performance 

--- Implement built-in quality control system and manufacturing automation. 

Solve & Support 

Immediate access to support 

--- Trained, certified technicians are kept current with the latest best practices in the industry. We can quickly mobilize the talents to meet your specific requirements.

Inclusive Product Lines

HCQS provides a wide range of products including mobile device spare parts, accessories, repair tools and other related products. We are dedicated to meeting customer needs by providing them with one-stop sourcing solution. From specific components to final assembled products we provide industry’s most comprehensive product offerings. HCQS has proven hands-on experience and track of record of solving multiple problems for various customers all over the world. Whether you represent an operator, wholesaler, repair business or insurance company, HCQS have you covered.