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About HCQS

Thrive on Excellence

As an international mobile phone aftersales solution supplier, HCQS has been helping customers all over the world for over a decade.

Our experience and expertise enforce us to support customers locally and globally and have won a trustworthy reputation at the top of business.

The well-established European office enables seamless support and localized storage up and running since 2016.

Joining the HO3 screen R&D project and becoming the Chief Distributor bring us into the new era of performance. Not only can the customers enjoy the Apple parts, Huawei & Samsung original service pack, but also the best aftersales solution yet in our industry – The HO3 screen, and we guarantee you the best resource possible.

Going forward, HCQS is going to play more and more important role in helping our customers reach their goals and thrive on excellence!  Let us make a difference!

Streamlined global offering families


HCQS History

Over the past 12 years, hundreds of thousands of HCQSers, customers and business partners all over the globe have helped HCQS to become mobile phone aftersales solution leader.


The HCQS Difference

Your success is paramount. HCQS brings the highest level of uncompromising phone parts service and support to our global customers each and every day. Wherever the mission, whatever the requirements, we are there to ensure mission readiness with world-class service and support that is tailored to our customer’s specific needs.

l  Bring innovation to customers for 12+ years

l  Trusted partner for clients worldwide. Serving 4,000+ private and public sector enterprises across 70 countries

  • 12+ Years’ Experience

    As trusted partner for clients worldwide, HCQS has been serving 4,000+ private and public sector enterprises across 70 countries

  • European Branch & Warehouse

    Our European branch and warehouse guarantee timely service based on Europe. We offer custom-risk free shipping and better localized support for customers within Europe.

  • Manufacturing Capacity

    With a team of over 300 dedicated technicians, engineers and support personnel, 9 comprehensive production lines and maximum daily output of 42,000 units – our manufacturing capacity enables more efficient, productive and reliable offering.

  • State-of-the-art Factories

    By taking advantage of manufacturing automation,we deliver superior quality in products with maximized cost efficiencies. Our state-of-the-art factories helps us reduce cost, time, complexity and risk for our customers on a daily basis.

  • Professionals with wide experience

    HCQS has proven hands-on experience and track of record of solving multiple problems for various customers all over the world. Whether you represent an operator, wholesaler, refurbish factories, repair business or insurance company, HCQS have you covered.

  • Focus on Innovation

    We are actively conducting and joining research to identify new future growth areas. As chef distributor of HO3™ screen and ELEEXP™ brand owner, we are striving to provide innovative solution for our customers every day.

  • Integrated Global Sourcing

    Our integrated supply chain ensures us stay ahead of the customers’ needs and remains us capable regardless of any market turbulence. We have access to Shenzhen-based upstream resources for all kinds of parts and raw materials, and Europe and US resources for original Samsung & Huawei Parts, original Apple IC solution, etc.

  • Completely Quality Assurance

    HCQS leads the highest levels of quality assurance before delivery into the market since 2010. All devices are quality tested to ensure our products meeting or exceeding manufacturer and operator specifications before being distributed through our logistics facilities.

  • Fast and Efficient After-sales

    Our expanding international presence puts us in an excellent position to accelerate prompt response, tailor-made after-sales solutions, fast delivery and return to our customers.