Technical Support


HCQS have been in mobile phone parts for over 10 years ,the experience and cooperation with LG, Foxconn and Sharp make HCQS’ level of quality controlling and development be much higher than other suppliers.

When you meet any technical issue , HCQS could provide you effective solution . Furthermore ,HCQS’ technical team would provide different level of repair training to your technical staff . More details please contact your sales manager.



Meet Your Quality Specific Demand


You may have different quality specification according to your business range ,HCQS provide wide quality range to customers from Full original OEM to High copy with original lcd ,and Chinese copy quality , with different quality grade to meet your market demand . Meanwhile ,we could customized your specific products.



Fast After-sales Solution


HCQS provide LIFETIME WARRANTY to solve your worries on quality .Before selling ,HCQS have strict testing standard to control quality ,make the defective rate as lowest as possible .If there is any defect return , reasonable solutions will be provided at the fastest speed .

For European customers ,Sweden subsidiary would solve defect rapidly .For US customers ,Texas Dallas subsidiary would handle it for you . And for other region customers ,HK warehouse would solve China custom issue .



Plan Of Credit Assurance


Plan of credit assurance HCQS is planning to build credit assurance .Except technical ,quality controlling ,after-sales service , HCQS is planning to provide financial support ,to help small potential client to grow business ,in this way , it would be a real full-service.