Quality Control

HCQS aims to supplying high quality products, and has perfect quality management system, professional facilities and technical staff. We are able to test all LCD screens, batteries and small spare parts before shipping, make sure that each item could reach high quality standard. Providing the best quality and most stable products to you is what HCQS strive for.



Quality Control System


Resource Management


Sampling inspection before procurement


QC System


1.Comprehensive test facilities

2.Professional QC team

3.Specialized working environment


Quality Test Flow


1.Visual inspection

2.Functionality test

3.Assembly test

4.Check one by one before shipping



Analysis and Upgrade



Quality Control Process


Procurement -- QC First Pass -- Production -- QC Second Pass -- Enter Warehouse -- Order Confirm -- Ex-warehouse -- QC Third Pass -- Packing-Delivery



Quality Control Standard (Case)


Visual Inspections


Qualified Standard:


1. No scratches or damages on the parts

2. No foreign materials or excess glue

3. No missing parts or screws

4. No separation issues on the frame


Functional Tests ( LCD Display )


Test Tools:


1. LCD and Touch Screen test machine and motherboard.

2. Build-in test application (for Android phones).


Qualified Standard:


1. No dead pixels

2. No Lines

3. Color indicates as passed

4. The software indicates as passed.


Functional Tests ( Touch Screen)


Test Tools:


1. LCD and Touch Screen test machine and motherboard.

2. Build-in test application (for Android phones).


Qualified Standard:


1. No spot, no dust

2. Touch sensitive

3. The software indicates as passed.


Functional Tests( Battery)


Test Tools:


1. Multimeter.

2. DC Power Supply.

3. Probe Leads.


Qualified Standard:


1. Voltage Standard: 3.7V.

2. Normal Charging Standard: The multimeter will indicate the electricity value.

3. Normal Discharge: Power on normally after assembly.


Functional Tests( Small Parts)


Test Tools:


1. Relevant OEM Test Modules.

2. Other related parts and devices. Such as: earpiece is required on audio flex test, data cable and charger are required on charging port test, multimeter is required on tests of loud speaker.


Qualified Standard:


1. Work normally on OEM Test Modules

2. Multimeter Test Standard: Loud speaker ohmic resistance reaches 6~10 ohmic; ear speaker ohmic resistance reaches 27~32 ohmic


Assembly Tests


Test Tools:


1. Screwdriver.

2. Tweezers.

3. Other related devices, Such as: RF Test Equipment, NFC Test Device.


Qualified Standard:


1. Work normally on OEM Test Modules.

2. No cosmetic or functional incompatibility on OEM Test Modules.



Warranty Terms and Flow


HCQS is engaged in providing high quality products to global customers, all the products including lcd screen, small parts and flex cables need to pass the quality inspection before shipping, we provide after-sale support services to customers too, all the products purchase from HCQS can enjoy the following lifetime warranty.


Warranty terms


1. HCQS will send new replacements for the products which has quality problem and has no man-made damage.

2. HCQS provide repair service for the products which has small man-made damage,only charge the material cost, service is free


No warranty conditions


1.Products without HCQS Logo

2.Man-made damage, for example lcd broken, glass broken. Flex cable broken.


Warranty flow


1. Please check the package when receiving the goods, if the package was broken please reject, take photos and contact us.

2. Please test carefully before installing, if there is any quality problem, please don’t install, don’t remove the protector and pack with the original packing, take photos or video and contact us.

3.Our QC department will supply technology support to the issues which customers meet, if the problems can’t be solved, HCQS will give solutions.

4.If the products need to be returned, HCQS will provide RMA number, shipping address, shipping notice, please send according to the instructions.

5.Our QC department will test the products and supply testing report in one week, HCQS will give warranty according to the warranty terms.