Operator case


One of our American wholesaler hope we can help him to increase his profit and reduce the cost but maintain a good quality.


According to his target market , we offered a product combination for him. LCD screen with repair tools, LCD screen with tempered glass, batteries with battery paste.


Product combined shipping can reduce the purchase price for our clients ,on the other hand can increase the profits through the retail price.


Meanwhile , the customer also hope to further expand his market and build good reputation.


According to the his requirements, we have expanded the product line for him , from phone spare parts to accessories, such as tempered glass , data line , charge cable , car holder and so on. we have also made branding, packaging and product certification for him.


The fundamentals for our customer service are, customers trust for HCQS, discuss solutions and products supply and market development. HCQS was designed to make a good support for the supply chain and customer service, providing one-stop solutions that enable customers to focus on product sales and market development.