Why your phone hangs often than other’s phone

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More than 50% of world population use smartphones. Smartphones are need of todays world. Users can send or receive any sort of file through there smartphones. But good technology also bring some problem. And most common problem is when smartphones hang and become laggy. Its hard time for every user to work on smartphones that hang. Smartphones hang almost everytime when using internet. It even hang while calling someone.
I will tell you some tricks. Which will make your smartphones work faster. And you will experience that your smartphone hang issue is over. There are few features which we ignore while buying smartphones. User these days concentrate on camera pixel. And ignore almost every good feature of the smartphones. And later there smartphones hang almost everyday.

Main reason of smartphone hang is when user put burden on there RAM {RAM – Random Access Memory}. Many user don’t even know what ram is and what function it do. Whenever you open any application. It consume some memory which put burden on ram. So more your ram and less application. Will make your smartphone fast. RAM is everything as it make your smartphones work fast. And even smartphones hang because of RAM usage.

Several users keep adding application on their smartphone. And when an application is open. Users always press back button which make that application running even when you not using it. And always ready for you to use it again. Just imagine how many applications installed on your smartphone. When these all application are working then it make your smartphone hang. So try to close them. Dont press back or exit button.

Its bit awkward to hear but its true. When you update your application they want latest operating system version. Operating system can be any depending upon your smartphone some of the operating system are Android, iOS, Windows. If you have smartphone which is over 1+ year old. Then new application will be affected by your old back date operating system. It will make your smartphones hang and difficult for you to use. Try to update your operating system as it will help you. It brings all latest features for applications and make them run fast.

Keep clearing cache from your smartphone. It will not delete application. It will remove all junk files and increase storage and make device fast. I will tell you how to clear cache without losing an application. So follow the steps below.

You will find that feature in your smartphone. click on setting.
Then click on Manage application or depend on what option you have on your smartphone.
Then open applications and clear data.
It will remove all junk files increase your memory.
After repeating the same steps with all your applications. Which you have installed.
You will find huge improvement in your smartphone working.

Don’t install applications from any source, except your operating system market
When you install applications from fake market. Or if you do thirdy party installation of your applications. Then it will directly affect every part of your smartphones. Most affected feature would be your operating system. Application can harm your smartphones and operation system. As almost 90% application have virus.


Keep antivirus in your smartphone
Antivirus help smartphone in lots of ways. It keep all harmful files away from your smartphone. It also secure all kind of internet usage. It wont let you download any fake applications. It also not let you open any harmful websites.
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Install application in your internal storage
Try to install each and every applications inside your internal storage. As it help you using in application better way. It provide RAM space to application. Which are stored in internal storage first and then to external storage. So first preference is given to internal storage. Try to shifting all your important applications to internal storage.

Don’t worry almost everyone face smartphones hang problem. But you can improve that by following steps above. All the steps discussed above are tested on every operating system. I would recommend you to follow the steps once. And then use your smartphone. You will forget that once your smartphone hang. Because now your smartphone will be working like your bought new smartphone.


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