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Why iPhone 6 Plus Screen Flickering After Replacement

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One of the most common questions among iPhone 6 Plus owners is “Why is my iPhone 6 plus screen flickering around edges after repair?”. The most common answer is that low-quality replacement parts were used. Although the repair itself may have been performed according to the standards of Apple, the components used in this process have led to substandard results. Following are several reasons why this may be the case with your phone.

Backlights Of Different Quality

There are many different replacement backlights that can be used when repairing an iPhone screens. Some suppliers of these products offer copy backlights, rather than the same components that were used during the initial manufacturing process. When these are used, these can cause the flickering at the edges of the phone that you are seeing. This is due to the fact that they are not capable of evenly fitting the screen. When the original backlights are used to replace the broken or malfunctioning ones, this flickering does not occur.

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A Competitive Parts Market For iPhone Repairs

The parts market for iPhone repairs is incredibly competitive. If you want superior results from your repair service, however, you have to make sure that your provider is committed to only using original backlights. This remains true, no matter what version of the iPhone you own. With your iPhone 6 Plus, you also want to make sure that the origina replacement glass is being used. With copy glass, you may find that the edges are not rounded correct and that the oleophobic coating is missing. Over time, copy bezel can begin to lift up and separate from the phone and it many never fit flush to begin with. Using copy parts is a common way in which repair companies limit their costs, but there are countless quality issues that can rear their heads over time.

Things To Know About iPhone 6 Plus Repairs

If you’ve been asking the question, “Why is my iPhone 6 Plus screen flickering around edges after repair?”, be mindful of the fact that your repair company may have used copy parts during their work process. It is important to note that the use of copy parts is most common for older models. It usually takes some time for copy parts to be manufactured and introduced to the market. One way to avoid problems like these is by working with an iPhone LCD refurbisher who can supply excess screens and who is guaranteed to always use original phone parts when completing repairs.

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