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Phone Repair Myths And Bad Practices You Need To Know

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In this era of advance technology and science, every second person around me possesses smart phone. Demand of smart phones in emerging markets is so huge, that so many new companies have started manufacturing and selling smart phones. On one side, they tend to keep selling prices of their products as lower as they can in order to sustain in this competitive world. Furthermore, they sell their products in markets where they do not have adequate after-sell support or authorized service center. That is where many local vendors jump in and start mobile service centers fully managed and governed by them. Quality of service compromises with these vendors as there are no controls of manufacturing companies on these vendors, i.e. how loyal service they provide to customers.

Every now and then, I come across people that are complaining about repair service done with their smart phones. And the sole reason behind this chaos is, no control over these small vendors who run service centers only for money and they have nothing to do with the brand value of the manufacturer company. They are just running behind money, and can replace original parts with counterfeit one only to make some extra penny out of your service order.

However, I am not writing this article to pin point such service centers, but to entail myths and mal practices being followed by these service centers. Not all service centers are bad. There are genuine service centers as well, but it is you and only you who can determine which one is fake and who is genuine.

This article enlighten some details about bad practices followed by such fake service centers, and save your time and penny before you get trapped with them.

Repairing water damage using rice

Many service centers use rice to drain water from your mobile. However it has been proved by a scientific study that using rice to dry a phone is not effective. This conventional method does not even dry complete water particles from mobile, but on contrary speeds up the whole rust and corrosion process.

Unlike such centers, authorized service centers provide genuine water damage removal service using isoprophyl to displace the water then put in a SWEEPING frequency ultrasonic cleaner.

Asking you to replace certain mobile part without even checking it thoroughly

Most of us have realized this mal-practice followed by most of such fake service centers. They do not even bother to get to actual problem and just advise you to replace the particular part that is causing issue.

On other side, authorized service centers follow top to bottom approach to troubleshoot a problem. They first start with a easiest solution, and not directly jumping on rebelling/ replacing smd components.

Replacing components with power running to device

This malpractice can further damage your device. However, such fake service centers are least bothered about your device as it gives them opportunity more penny out of you. It is hard to determine which part was damaged earlier and which one is damaged right now while repairing.

Genuine stores does it as a very first step before they even ask you about the problem. They always keep their device disconnected from power supply as and when they take it for repair.

Utilizing duplicate replacement parts

This is the most threatening mal practice followed by fake stores. Since such stores run their business for money and always run after it. They always tend to find to make more money out of the business. This is one of the most powerful instrument they have, through which they can make more profits out of service order, and also please their customers. However counterfeit or duplicate parts hardly run for long. Or my experience says, there is no guarantee with duplicate parts. It is a complete gamble.

You should always ask for a written warranty card of the replaced part. This way you can at least mitigate the risk of

In-case you find any of these practices being followed by service center, my suggestion would be, to better opt for a store that is authorized by the manufacturing companies. Many a places, they provide walk-in and repair service to their customer that help them to build a transparent and strong relationship with their customers.
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