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How To Fix iPhone 6S Not Charge After Water Damage

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The iPhone 6s has shown that it can handle the quick dunk in water without filling with water, even though Apple has not added waterproof to any of its key features. There have been reports however of phones not being able to charge when wet, which can be distressing to some phone owners. This is caused when the water that was once in the charging port has created too much moisture for the charger to handle, and will proceed by giving a charging error when plugged in.

Fortunately, you should be able to resolve the charging error at home without having to send it back to the store for repairs. If your iPhone 6s is not charging because of water damage, the first thing you should do is turn the device off so the water doesn’t mix with the electricity and cause more damage, and give it at least 24 hours before turning back on. Secondly, open all ports including your SIM card port and try and shake all the moisture and remaining water out of the ports. Sometimes shaking just won’t be as effective, and may require blowing into one of the ports for the remaining water to flow through the other ports. Once that has been done, air drying your phone is the next step that should be taken to make sure all liquid is gone.

Once all that has been exerted, use a q-tip (or a similar absorbent) to soak any remaining liquid on the charger port. This should be followed by turning the iPhone 6s on and testing the charging port after the 24-hour period. Since there is a 24-hour period before treatment is effective, it is recommended you don’t turn on your phone or use it at all to prevent damage.

One thing you should not do is put the device in rice. This solution is not suitable for iPhone 6s water damage, and could cause more problems than it solves. Instead, try silica gel to remove liquid from your device or something similar as provided by authentic phone repair shops. These are professionally used to remove water from devices, and are highly recommended.

Sometimes the water has soaked too far into the phone and you may have to manually open the device and give it a clean with just a tooth brush alongside 90% isopropyl alcohol. The u2ic might also need replacing which will require it to be sent off to repairs with your Apple Care warranty or a similar trusted repair shop around your area.use a tool brush to clean the logic board

If all else fails and it doesn’t charge after a period of 24 hours of cleaning, there could be some internal damage to the hardware that needs to be looked at by an expert. If you have warranty this shouldn’t be an issue, otherwise paying for a professional to repair the iPhone 6s would be the best idea if you aren’t confident with repairing technology yourself.

We hope this article covers this question as conclusively as possible, and helps you clean your iPhone 6s for any water damage issues encountered. The important thing to remember is it is fixable and often can be resolved from home.

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